Tråden om Twitter


19 Dec 2018
Ser att det inte finns en officiell tråd om Twitter.

Elon Musk har tagit beslut om att rensa 1.5 miljarder konton som aldrig har postat eller loggat in på länge för att ge plats för användarnamn vilken är bra tänkt.
Erdogan har bett Elon Musk stänga av några Twitterkonton. Elon Musk hqe gjort ett uttalande om det!

We are today sharing an update on our approach in Turkey.

We were in negotiation with the Turkish Government throughout last week, who made clear to us Twitter was the only social media service not complying in full with existing court orders.

We received what we believed to be a final threat to throttle the service - after several such warnings - and so in order to keep Twitter available over the election weekend, took action on four accounts and 409 Tweets identified by court order.

We communicated our concerns about freedom of expression directly.

We will continue to object in court, as we have done with all requests, but no further legal action was possible before the start of voting.

Five court orders have been issued against Twitter regarding these actions and we have already objected to four of them. While one of our objections has been rejected, three of them are still under review. We are filing our objections to the fifth order tomorrow.

We are publishing below the court orders and the regulator's correspondence relating to the action we took.